Army Treats Over 600 Patients In Rajasthan Amid Doctors’ Strike

The Armed Medical Corps of the Indian Army has treated over 600 patients in Rajasthan after a doctors’ strike left the medical services in the state paralysed.

The Indian Army has moved in to support district and state administration of Jaisalmer by providing a team of doctors, nursing staff and other necessary personnel, including ambulance for the treatment of ailing people and overcome medical emergencies, the Army said.

“Medical team of the Indian Army from Konark Corps has treated more than 600 patients. The Indian Army stands ready to assist the public at times of emergencies and distress,” an Army official said.

Doctors in the state have been on an indefinite strike since November 6. Rajasthan police said 14 doctors have been arrested till Saturday last under the Rajasthan Essential Services Maintenance Act.


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