New Coke Ad About Saudi Women Driving Has People Feeling All Kinds Of Ways

A new ad from Coca-Cola features a Saudi dad teaching his daughter how to drive ― and people are having decidedly mixed reactions about it.

The commercial, posted on Nov. 2 on Coca-Cola Middle East’s YouTube page, shows a dad handing his daughter the keys to his car, and then sitting in the passenger seat as she makes several attempts to drive, starting and stopping hesitantly. But once she has a sip of Coke, she peels off down the road with confidence. “Change has a taste,” the ad concludes.

As of Monday, the video had garnered over 60,000 views.

The ad comes five weeks after the conservative Muslim kingdom announced plans to lift its ban on women driving, which will come into effect next June.

Under Saudi law, women still cannot mix freely with men, obtain a passport or leave the country without a male guardian’s permission. They also have to wear an abaya that covers their bodies down to their feet, among other rules.

Watch the ad below:


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