This Lucky 6-Year-Old Was ‘Pilot’ For A Day

Aviation geeks, this six-year-old just lived out your dream by becoming an Etihad Airways ‘pilot’ for a day. A video documenting his experience is viral and has been viewed over 21 million times – and counting – on Facebook.

Young Adam became an Internet sensation after a video of him displaying his aviation knowledge went viral. According to Etihad Airways, Adam surprised many after giving detailed procedural accounts of the aircraft operating systems and demonstrating a “deep” understanding of emergency procedures. The source of his knowledge? YouTube videos!

An impressed flight captain Samer Yakhlef filmed Adam in the cockpit and posted the video online with permission from his family. Soon, the video gained millions of views.

Touched by his “devotion to aviation,” Etihad Airways invited Adam to their training centre where he was given a specially made uniform and underwent pilot training – including sessions in the Airbus A380 simulator.

Watch Adam have the time of his life as an Etihad Airways pilot:

Since being posted two weeks ago, the video has been viewed over 21 million times and shared over three lakh times.

“This kid deserves to become a true Etihad Airways Captain in the future! Please give him a chance, Etihad! Please,” begs one person on Facebook.

“I would definitely feel comfortable with Adam as a copilot right now,” jokes another. “He’s going to be a amazing captain someday.”

Adam says his dream is to become a captain of an A380 Airbus. We have a feeling that dream will be turned into a reality easily.


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