The Cat That Adopted An Officer: It Jumped Into Cop Car, Refused To Leave

If there’s anything that the Internet has taught us, it is that cats are regal creatures who don’t care for human affection. One little fella in the city of Oxford in Ohio, USA, however, fought very hard to rise above and beyond the stereotypes that plague his kind. The ‘super friendly and loving’ cat jumped into a police car through an open car window and refused to leave Officer Butler, who was inside.

A Facebook post shared by the ‘City of Oxford, Ohio – Division of Police’ on September 22, says that the cat refused to leave Officer Butler, who decided to foster the feline for a few days.

“Anyone want to adopt this guy (no, not the officer)?” jokes the police department in their post.

See the adorable pictures of the cat, later named Lexie, with the officer he adopted:

In an update posted on September 24, the department informed its followers that the ‘cat that adopted Officer Butler’ had found a new home.

“All snuggled up!!! Lexi is so sweet!” the adorable cat’s new human posted in an update.

Lexi has meanwhile earned many fans on social media. “What a beautiful cat,” writes one commenter. “He looks so sweet!” says another.


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