Protest meet held by Welfare Kerala Kuwait

To show solidarity and support for Rohingyan Muslims and to protest against the murder of famous Indian writer, journalist and social activist Gauri Lankesh, Welfare Kerala Kuwait Farwaniya zone held a protest meet and people from all walks of life gathered at Ideal auditorium last Friday.

Holding placards and demonstrating their angst against the Fascist Sanghparivar regime in India and the Military junta of Myanmar, the audience unitedly voiced that the Constitution of India gives the freedom of speech and expression which forms the foundation of democracy. They also chanted slogans wearing badges “ I’am also Gauri”, that you can kill one Gauri but you cannot stop the voices and writings of thousands of Gauri’s who will fight till the last drop of blood to protect the same Constitution that gives people’s right to protest against unjust policies of the government.

Similar slogans were chanted in support of the Rohingyans, one of the world’s most persecuted minority groups, amid reports of atrocities by Myanmar’s military. The leaders addressing the audience urged world powers to carry out their role in immediately stopping the “planned genocide of the oppressed Rohingyan Muslims”

The protest meet was formally inaugurated by Central Committee president Khaleelurahman and P.P. Abdul Razack presented the keynote speech. Representing various organizations Basheer Batha, Rajesh Babu, Shareef Thamarassery and Sakeer Hussain delivered their speeches. Zonal president Abdul Vahid presided over the function, Zonal Secretary Noushad welcomed the gathering and Riggae Unit President Ashraf Vaakath proposed the vote of thanks.


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