A strange man at grave yard in Kuwait

If you have ever visited Sulaibikhat Cemetery, you must have observed a strange man wearing dark sun glasses making a brief speech near burial place where he reminds people about reality of LIFE and death is inevitable, he requests everyone to lead a good life so that everyone can have better life here after. In fact I have seen him every time I visit for a burial there. So I was curious to know who this guy is and I thought he must be a graveyard employee whose duty is to remind people of death by giving short speeches, I was wrong, out of curiosity during one of my visits to the graveyard I had a chance to talk to him, He is Mr. Zuhair from Palestine. He said he visits graveyard on regular basis which reminds him of death and helps to be a good human being. He gives those short speeches as a volunteer service to the community.

I’m really amazed by his perseverance, no matter what is the weather condition, during peak summer season, It becomes practically difficult for someone to visit graveyard and this person goes everyday on a volunteer service. Amazing feat.

Visiting grave is recommended in Islam, Prophet of Islam Muhammed PBUH once said “Visit graves, for it reminds one of his death”,

If you guys never went to graveyard in Kuwait, then plan a visit, choose any day (Friday is better ) and try to offer ASR prayer in the masjid which is near the sulaibikhat cemetery. After the prayer you can proceed towards the burial area where every day at least 3 to 4 bodies will be buried, you can join them and help them during the burial process.

Believe me, grave yard visit will put a break in our busy life where we are so much engrossed in our job and smartphones and what not, we often forget that, One day we have to die, such visits give an opportunity to think and reflect on our life.

By: Sadik, Kuwait


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