Kozhikode District Association,Kuwait disbursed Family benefit scheme fund

Financial assistance handed over to the family of deceased member Mr. Damu under the ‘FamilyBenefit Scheme’ of Kozhikode District Association, Kuwait. Mr. Damu who was the association member from Abbasiya Area passed away in India few months back due to illness. The simple function held at Abbasiya at the residence of Late Damu, Mr. Vineesh.P.V Abbasiya area President of Kozhikode District Association disbursed the benefit fund to his family.

Association President Mr. Haneef.C, General Secretary Mr. Shyjith.K, Karunyam Secretary Mr. Sameer Vellayil and Central Executive Committee member Mr. Radhakrishnan participated in the function. Family Benefit Scheme implemented by Kozhikode District Association, Kuwait have proved to be a blessing hand to many members who need the financial support due to injuries by accident and members bereaved family upon the unexpected demise. Further, under the ‘Karunyam Scheme’ the Association has been providing financial assistance to the underprivileged Kozhikode natives to meet medical expenses for the treatment of severe ailments.


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