Onam 2017 video: Here are all the dishes that goes into a typical Onam Sadhya

Kerala’s harvest festival, Onam, known to be one of the most celebrated event by Malayalis across the world, is here. As preparations are on in full swing, with dance and musical performances being organised at multiple places, people making sure the have their new clothes in place and designs, there are also those who are toiling in the kitchen to make sure everything is ready for the elaborate and popular Onasadya, or Onam Sadhya, the traditional Malayali lunch that is had on the occasion.

While, the snake boat race and pookalams (flower decoration) are the most popular events of the celebration, it is elaborate nine-course meal — Onasadya — that takes the limelight. Served beautifully on a banana leaf and consisting of over 11-12 dishes, this meal is a treat for all foodies. However, many non-Malayalis are not aware of the customs followed and delicacies served in the meal. 

To make things easier and in the spirit of Onam, the guys handling the Kerala Tourism Facebook page shared a video identifying all that goes into a Sadhya. The video showcases the art of setting up the meal on a banana leaf and how – and where – each food item is placed. The names of each dish are given in an interactive manner making it simple for the viewer.

Watch the video here

Here’s an introduction to the many dishes that would crowd your plantain leaf. Steamed rice is heaped in the centre and bordered with a row of accompaniments that range from pickles, chips to pachadi, aviyal and thoran. The art of serving a sadhya lies in learning its positioning. Place the banana leaf so that the wider side is on the right-hand side of the person eating the meal. Starting from the left, pappadum and banana are served overlappingly close followed by salt, sharkaravaratti, banana chips, ginger lime and mango pickles. The right side comprises of thorans, khichadi, pachadi and kootu curry, while the centre spot is reserved for aviyal and olan.

Geplaatst door Kerala Tourism op vrijdag 1 september 2017


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