On Camera, Biker Hit By Car Flips Into Air, Lands On Feet

A biker from China is lucky to be alive after being hit by a car. The man, who made an illegal turn, was sent flying in the air upon impact. But he flipped over and managed to make a perfect landing on his feet. He appeared unhurt. The jaw-dropping moment was caught on surveillance cameras.

CCTV footage, posted on Twitter by People’s Daily, China shows the man taking an illegal left turn even as other vehicles stop for a red-light. Traffic on the opposite lane begins to move.

That’s when a sedan crashes into the biker.

The impact of the crash sends the man flying across the windshield. For a heart-sinking moment, the man disappears behind the car. As the vehicle comes to a crashing halt, however, the man is suddenly visible again. He springs up to his feet and immediately rushes off the street and onto the pavement. As he dusts himself off, the driver of the sedan runs over to check on him.

The man appears to be miraculously unhurt.

Watch the video below:

“Thank God he was not badly hurt or even killed,” comments one person on the video. “He should be a professional stuntman,” comments another.


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