Man Goes Fishing In Home Flooded By Hurricane Harvey. Video Is Viral

Flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in the US state of Texas meant one fishing enthusiast didn’t have to go very far to catch fish. In fact, you can say the fish came to him. Literally. An incredible video posted on Facebook less than 24 hours ago shows Saul Saldana wrangling a (pretty big) fish that swam into his flooded home. Mr Saldana’s dogged determination to catch the fish was captured on camera by his daughter Viviana, who posted the videos on Facebook and Twitter on Sunday.

In the series of three clips, Mr Saldana comically dives into the knee-high floodwaters several times as he tries to grab the slippery fish with his bare hands.

Finally, he succeeds, proudly holding up the fish by its tail as his daughter laughs out loud in the background.

“Why go out looking for food when the food is coming to our living room?” Ms Saldana writes on Facebook.

Uploaded about 20 hours ago, the video has gone massively viral, with well over 10 million views and counting. Ms Saldana’s Facebook post has been shared over 4 lakh times already. 



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