Minister issued amendments related to overseas treatment regulations

Minister of Health Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi Tuesday issued a series of amendments to the decisions related to overseas treatment regulations in order to eradicate the difficulties that patients who are sent overseas for treatment may face.

In a press statement, the official spokesperson of Ministry of Health Dr Ahmed Al-Shatti explained that the amendments include authorizing health offices to add treatments and notify the Higher Committee for Overseas Treatment for only difficult medical cases involving children in case of necessity and if it has to do with the diagnosis of the patient.

The reforms also include giving health offices the right to extend the treatment period for all patients who are suffering from lung, heart, liver and intestinal diseases only during the transplant stage. Dr. Al-Shatti said the minister took this step following a tour of the hospitals in the United States of America and checking on Kuwaiti patients and their families at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

He explained that Dr. Al-Harbi, during his visit to the Boston Children’s Hospital, was assured about the patients’ conditions and treatment plans. He listened to their complaints and problems. He also met with the hospital management to tackle the difficulties faced by the patients and discussed ways for enhancing cooperation to improve the medical conditions in Kuwait.

Minister Dr. Al-Harbi, on the sidelines of his official visit to the United States, had given the heads of overseas health offices additional rights to facilitate the treatment of patients who are sent abroad and transfer the place of treatment from one state to another based on the latest medical reports and approval of the health office abroad, provided the overseas treatment department is notified in this regard.

Also among the authorizations granted include coverage for home nurse visits for a period of not more than one month based on the recommendation of the treating physician. In case of the need for home nurse visits for more than one month, applications should be sent to the Higher Committee for Overseas Treatment.

Under the new authorizations, the head of a health office now has the right to approve addition of treatments for cancer and organ transplant patients after notifying the higher committee. He also has the right to extend treatment for children suffering from cancer or those requiring transplant for one month.


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