Mom Finds Poisonous Snake Slithering On Son’s Lego Tower, Calls For Help

Finding a poisonous snake in your house can never be easy, least of all when it turns up in your child’s room. So imagine the shock a mother from Gold Coast, Queensland, had when she spotted a large brown snake wrapped around a Lego tower made by her son. A picture shared by the ‘Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher’ page on Facebook shows the snake and it can make anyone who is scared of snakes shudder.

“Large male eastern brown from tallebudgeera terrorizing lego city,” says the post accompanying the picture. Since it was shared on August 17, the photo has collected over 650 reactions and more than 200 shares.

Large male eastern brown from tallebudgeera terrorizing lego city

Geplaatst door Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher op woensdag 16 augustus 2017

The team handling the Facebook page explained that the snake made its way to the room with the Legos through the garage. It was approximately 1.7 meters long.

Tallebudgeera eastern.. lego gotham citys newest villain on the block

Geplaatst door Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher op woensdag 16 augustus 2017

 According to Gold Coast Bulletin, the mother was extremely shocked to find out the species of the snake. “She thought it was a carpet python because they are quite common out there but when I told her it was an eastern brown the blood drained out of her face,” snake catcher Tony Harrison told Gold Coast Bulletin.
He also added that eastern browns can be very poisonous. “The big ones are a bit slower which makes them easier to catch but they are just as venomous as the smaller ones,” he added.

‘Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher’ also shared a live video on Facebook showing the snake’s rescue.

Both the post and video have collected a ton of reactions from people on Facebook.

“Wow… bet those homeowners are glad you got it out of their house,” says one Facebook user on the video. “Yikes that was a scary one!” says another.

“Not what one wants in the kids toys!” comments one Facebook user on the photo. “I almost cried seeing this… this is my worst nightmare and I feel like I’m coming up with another nervous rash just thinking about it. We are keeping the garage door & also the sliding door firmly shut… and locking the doggy door,” comments another.


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