Video: Shark Leaps Out Of Water To Steal Fish. Twice

Over the weekend, two fishing groups witnessed something spectacular while out at Cape Cod Bay near Massachusetts, US. A sneaky thief stole their catch just as they were reeling it in. The sneaky thief was a deadly white shark that was probably hungry and too lazy to hunt its own food. The thrilling encounter was caught on camera.

Footage captured by Captain Hap Farrell, who owns a fishing vessel, shows a shark snatching away catches of the two groups in Cape Cod Bay. Coincidentally, they both happened the same day.

The first sighting was when a woman was reeling in her catch and the shark ripped it in half, leaving only its head attached to the fishing line.

In the second trip, the predator dramatically leapt out of water leaving almost nothing for the fisherman.

“It’s not an unusual occurrence, but the fact that I had a video camera at the time, I was able to get the shot. You can’t plan something like that,” Mr Farrell told The Boston Globe.

Cape Cod Bay is a popular fishing spot. The area sees several fishing expeditions between the month of May and October. After the footage went viral, Mr Farrell wrote on Facebook that shark sightings are common in the area and happen at least once a day.


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