Indian Social Forum Kuwait celebrates Independence Day

The Indian Social Forum (ISF) Kuwait celebrated India’s 71st Independence Day with great joy & enthusiasm on 15th August 2017. The event kicked off with the Unity Song at 7.30PM at BBS Alumni Club Jabriya.

Mr. Safat Alam Taimi, Chief Editor, Almisbah Urdu Magazine published by Islam Presentation Committee, Kuwait inaugurated the event. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Safat Alam enlightened the role of the Muslim community in the freedom struggle. He cherished the organizers for providing an opportunity for the expat Indian community to gather on such a joyous occasion marking the celebration.  

Delivering the key note address, Mr. Alauddin Ainul Haq, Vice President, ISF Central Committee described the uncovered stories of freedom struggle. He alleged that, the role of Indian Muslims in the national movement has not been given adequate coverage in the press or books. It has either been sidetracked or referred to here and there by scholars. “Instead of factual and secular historiography it has been communalized. As a result, the contribution of Muslim revolutionaries, poets and writers are not known today” he said.

He added that, “the proponents of Hindutva brand of nationalism who often demand Indian Muslims to prove their loyalty to the nation were never beena part of freedom struggle. They not only mentioned silence about the evils of foreign rule but all the attempts were made to sabotage the fight against British imperialism”. Criticizing those forces, he further said that, the essential elements of any sort of nationalism; equity, fraternity, justice, civil liberties and democracy have no space whatsoever in their brand nationalism said Mr. Alauddin.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. KhaleelAdoor, Social Activist said that freedom is a birth right of each and every individual. The purpose of freedom struggle in India or different parts of the world was not just to change the rulers; instead, it’s to gain the freedom to act, speak, or think as one wants live. Praising the social concern of ISF in serving Indian community irrespective of their region or religion, Mr. Adoor raised his concern over the growing communalism in India.

Mr. Mohammed RafeeqManchi, Gen. Secretary welcomed the gathering while Sameer Aman anchored the program and Siccander Batcha M. delivered the vote of thanks. ISF central committee member ImthiyazArkula was also present on the dais. Refreshments were served at the end. The event concluded with the National Anthem.


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  1. K M Shafeeq August 20, 2017 2:28 pm Reply

    We thank and salute the works of the Organization (Indian Social Forum).
    As we know the Indian Social Forum work encouraging towards the truth, all legitimate and Social works, helping needy people of expatriates in Kuwait.
    Awareness constitution of the country and fundamental rights for every citizen of country India.
    really appreciate your needful works of expatriates and efforts, we all support you will bring the Unity within the society and we will “Fight for the Rights”.
    we are with you…

    Thanks for the all members of Indian Social Forum
    Wish you Happy Independence day.


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