WATCH: A lioness attacks a hippo and immediately regrets it

There’s an old saying ‘do not eat more than you can chew’, but often we seem to forget that. Of course when hunger strikes nothing seems to be more important. Something similar happened when a lioness thought she could have a hippo for a grand meal. Yes, what she thought would be a sloppy prey, thanks to his weight. But it turned out she completely underestimated the giant animal, and instead, she had to run for her life!

A female lion attempted to hunt the hippo basking in the Sun at Maasai Mara in Kenya but the latter noticed the predator and rose up. The hippo charges and grabs the lion by her neck and tosses her up! Yes, the attack horribly backfired but she managed to swindle the hippo and escape. The nail-biting footage will leave you gasping for breath.


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