WATCH: Groom enters wedding in a TRACTOR! That’s desi swag in Canada

Everyone wants to make their wedding day special and in today’s world people sometimes go to great lengths to make it unique. Just like this dulha who chose to make his grand entrance on a tractor! Yes, the Punjabi groom decked up in his desi attire rode in on a blue tractor because a ghori/horse or car is too cliche. And if you think this happened somewhere in the middle of an agri-land, then think again. It was in Brampton, Canada!

While dulhas in India may be fantasising about their grand entry in Mercedes, BMWs and Lamborghinis, the desi grooms in foreign lands seem to be obsessing with earthy and ‘exotic’ things from India.

The grand entrance was caught on camera (but, of course) and makes for delightful viewing. In fact, the entire baraat made an entrance in vehicles such as rickshaws – making for quite a unique wedding party. With loudspeakers playing hit Punjabi songs, rest of the family was on the back of the tractor holding flags.

So, while our Bollywood heroes romance riding a tractor, this groom decided to take a page out of their book and woo his bride with the ‘sound of some desi heavy machinery’.

Watch video here

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