Syed Aijaz Ahmed – President IMA Youth Wing Kuwait

First and foremost, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Independence day. It is a privilege to have been born in an Independent India. We are so fortunate that our forefathers strived so passionately to give us a land of peace – a democratic and secular nation. Sadly, today we have forgotten all the sacrifices they made to make our nation peaceful. Nowadays, we observe that our nation›s peace and harmony is facing a dire threat from the evils of racism, communalism and terrorism. The need of the hour is that we renounce the path of violence and follow the path of peace and brother hood. We have to form a deep-seated unity irrespective of religion, caste, customs and traditions. Being the citizens of India, we should be responsible towards our Nation and strive to take this Nation to new heights of development and a brighter future. Proud to be an Indian!

IMA Youth wing: is a youth and students’ organization, which aims at developing the personality of youth and students associated with a view to make them good human beings who contribute positively to the society at large.

Syed Aijaz Ahmed is a Computer Science & Engineering Graduate and Working

as Data Center Engineer since 8 years in Kuwait


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