For the love of God: Bengaluru man offers Rs 88 lakh and over 1 kg gold to goddess Varalakshmi!

India is a land of festivals and often people go out of their way to celebrate the festivity with much fanfare, splurging excess money to appease the gods. Recently, a Bengaluru man celebrated Varalakshmi Vratam at his home to seek blessings from goddess Varalakshmi. In doing so he tried to please the goddess with wads of cash amounting to Rs 88 lakhs! And if that wasn’t enough he decorated the altar with gold jewellery. Not just some modest chains and bangles but with 1.23 kg of gold.

And in all excitement, he posted the mind boggling pictures of the festivity online. Alas, it went viral and now people are questioning his source of income and urging for a probe. The photos are doing rounds online and are also being widely circulated on WhatsApp.

Bengaluru-based real estate broker, identified as K Suryanarayana claims everything in the photos are his “hard-earned” income and he can even furnish proofs if required. “People are saying I have black money but the truth is I have valid documents for each and every rupee I have. The money is the fruit of my labour since 2002. I have constructed at least 40 houses till date; I am a real estate developer and I have designed many houses,” he told Bangalore Mirror.

K Suryanarayana and his wife performing the puja at their residence.

He claimed that he paid a tax of Rs 13 lakh this year for his assets worth Rs 15 crore.

Speaking to Kannada TV channels, the licensed broker who works for the Bengaluru Development Authority said every year during Vara Mahalakshmi pooja, he withdraws cash from his family’s bank accounts and this year too was no exception. He claimed that he had withdrawn the cash from his bank only for the auspicious occasion and even produced the letter that he had written to the manager.


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