WATCH: What to do when a GIANT ALLIGATOR decides to make a HOUSE visit?

People are often taken by surprise when guests come unannounced. Especially on a Sunday when you want to just relax and not leave the bed. But what if someone decides to visit you and stands at your front door without any prior notice on ‘Sunday Funday’?

You would be annoyed, right?

But the residents of this Lousiana home were more than just irritated. In fact, they were in for a huge shock when they found their house guest was none other than a giant alligator!

Yes, an 8ft-long alligator was caught crossing a front lawn making its way up to the main entrance of a home in Breaux Bridge. A passerby saw the rare sight and filmed the reptile trespassing into the private property. Posting the video on Facebook, Eddie Bruce wrote, “Caught trespassing in Breaux Bridge. Eight-foot. I believe his name is George.”

We don’t know if Bruce knew ‘George’, but surely we would have run away from the site seeing an alligator strolling closely. But he stuck there recording the big allie’s day out.

Caught trespassing in Breaux Bridge. 8 foot. I believe his name is George.

Geplaatst door Eddie Bruce op zondag 6 augustus 2017

Not only he captured evidence against the trespasser but also was there to record when the offender was “booked”. Yes, the family notified the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and they came in to rescue the animal. But it seemed big George was very angry that his Sunday outing was brought to an end soon. The second video shows the irked animal tossing and jumping while an officer tried to get a firm grip around his neck with a leash, and it’s too scary.

Booked for trespassing.

Geplaatst door Eddie Bruce op zondag 6 augustus 2017

According to a report by KFLY, mating season for alligators is approaching, and it’s not rare for them to show up in odd places in search of partners.


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