UN Uses Social Media to Raise Awareness of Indigenous Struggles

The United Nations has tried to reach out to younger audiences with Twitter hashtags and emojis.

The United Nations has launched a Twitter campaign in an effort to promote International Day of Indigenous Peoples with a younger audience and inspire a new generation of Indigenous rights activists.

Working with Twitter, the U.N. created an emoji and a hashtag which will circulate from Aug. 8 to Sept. 13.

“We recognize the popularity and value of emoji to reach a wider and younger audience, we are grateful to Twitter for having partnered with the United Nations in presenting a special emoji for International Day,” said Maher Nasser, Acting Assistant Secretary-General for Global Communications.

“Emoji is a new and exciting way of raising the profile of the International Day and engaging broader audiences in promoting the rights of indigenous peoples,” he added.

In honor of International Indigenous Peoples Day, more than 40 agencies from the United Nations and international organizations have also published a statement denouncing human rights violations of Indigenous people.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People was adopted in 2007 but 10 years later, over 370 million Indigenous people continue to struggle against discrimination and marginalization.

“While Indigenous peoples have made significant progress in defending their rights in international and regional forums, the implementation of the Declaration is hampered by the persistence of vulnerability and exclusion, particularly among indigenous women, children, young people and People with disabilities,” the document stated.


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