Pakistani caught with 6 kg heroin

Officers at the southern borders arrested a Pakistani man who tried to smuggle illicit drugs from an unnamed neighboring country to Kuwait. A security source said the patrol officers on a round spotted the Pakistani man trying to slip into the country with 6kg of heroin. He admitted trafficking in narcotics and the officers referred him to Criminal Security Sector for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Customs officers at the airport thwarted an Asian expatriate from smuggling 4kg of illicit drugs carefully hidden inside his luggage. He was referred to Drug Prosecution. Meanwhile, an Arab expatriate was arrested for attempting to smuggle 10,000 narcotic pills into the country by strapping them to his body under his clothes.

According to sources, customs officers suspected the Arab passenger as soon as he arrived, and they checked him to find the narcotic pills on his body under his clothes. He was referred with the confiscated drugs to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action.


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