WATCH: Crocodile Drags An Entire Cow With It While Swimming

A fisherman using a drone to look for fish in Australia captured a gigantic crocodile dragging a whole cow down the river. The video was posted by user Trip In A Van.

“We just spotted this big croc dragging a cow out in the river, so we came over for a bit of a look,” a person narrates in the video. “He’s got to be five, six meters (16 to 20 feet) this croc, he’s massive.  We actually saw it drag this cow off the bank a bit further up, but we weren’t quick enough with the camera to see it … he’s not giving it up in a hurry.”

“On a day out fishing for Barramundi in The Kimberley, Western Australia we spotted this massive Crocodile drag a cow down the river bank,” the user wrote. “We followed him with the Drone as it dragged the cow down river. It eventually got fed up with the drone buzzing over him and tried to pull the cow underwater… Pure Awesomeness of Nature.”

Crocodiles can be found on every continent besides Europe and Antarctica, according to National Geographic. Crocodile size varies greatly depending on species, and the animals can range anywhere from four to 23 feet and can weigh up to one ton.


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