Watch: In Bengal, Elephant Stops Truck In Forest. Then, This…

In a video that currently has the Internet amazed, an elephant is seen stopping a truck in a forest to munch on the potatoes loaded on it. According to news agency ANI, the incident took place at the Garhbeta forest in West Bengal’s West Midnapore district. The 2-minute-long clip shows the full grown elephant removing the truck’s tarpaulin cover and taking potatoes from it, undeterred by crowds creating a ruckus in an attempt to drive the jumbo away. Even bursting firecrackers near it made no difference to the determined tusker.

The elephant’s snack break halted traffic and prompted other truck drivers to come out and record the incident on their phones.

Watch the footage below:

Incidents of man-elephant conflict in West Bengal are not uncommon. Wildlife experts say the destruction of animal habitats in the country is one of the main reasons for the increase in encounters between wild animals and villagers in rural areas of India.


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