Crocodile Tries To Bite Man’s Head Off. Watch What Happens Next

The heart-stopping moment a stunt went horribly wrong during a crocodile show in Thailand has been caught on camera. A video posted on YouTube on June 16, shows a crocodile grabbing a zookeeper’s head during a performance. The zookeeper had placed his head inside the crocodile’s open mouth when the reptile snapped its jaws shut in front of a terrified audience. The zookeeper can be seen writhing in pain as the crocodile violently thrashed him on the ground. The reptile eventually let the zookeeper go and slid into the water close by.

A tourist captured the scene on camera during a show in Koh Samui, Thailand, last Sunday, reports DailyMail. The video shows the zookeeper first performing tricks with two sticks while the crocodile kept its mouth wide open. He can then be seen kneeling before the crocodile and placing his head between its open jaws. The reptile kept its mouth open for a few seconds before shutting it down on the zookeeper’s head.

According to, the zookeeper had previously shown the audience injuries caused by crocodiles, which included a missing finger. Details about his condition after this attack are unclear.


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