Nothing To See Here. Just A Snake Dangling With A Mouse In Its Mouth

On any given day, finding a rat or a snake in your house can be a traumatic experience. But what if one day, you find both the creatures in your house? Run away or call for help, most likely? Well, this person simply recorded the scene and shared it online. A rather terrifying video shows a snake dangling from an air conditioner with a mouse in its mouth. The 10-second clip has gone viral with over 58 million views on Facebook since being shared on June 10.

The heebie-jeebies-inducing video shows the snake slithering back into the AC vent with the mouse in its mouth. And the snake looks extremely frightening especially because that mouse in its mouth is huge.

Along with the millions of views, the video has also collected over 57,000 shares and more than 40,000 reactions so far – and very much counting.

As expected, people on Facebook have a lot of thoughts on the video.

Geplaatst door Simple Girl op zaterdag 10 juni 2017


“I am completely and totally freaked out,” says one Facebook user. “I saw this last night and literally jumped off the couch and slept on the other side to where I wasn’t under the A/C unit,” says another.



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