Watch something happy from Kashmir: Ex-Indian Idol singer’s lively spin to a children’s folk song

A popular Kashmiri folk song, Hukus Bukus, which celebrates Kashmiri culture, has got a sparkling makeover by local singer Aabha Hanjura. The one-time Indian Idol contestant’s version of the song has gone viral on social media as part of the Humans of Kashmir – Stories project, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a foot-tapping number, with Hanjura cheerily swaying to the tune, accompanied by talented instrumentalists, in the colourful and funkily put together video.

The song – its title sounds like the magic spell “hocus pocus” – is said to be a traditional melody for children because the arrangement of the words supposedly have a soothing effect on infants and toddlers. The singer called it a melodious Kashmiri folk song that “our grandmothers used to sing for us.”

According to a blog on folk music, the origin of the poem Hukus Bukus Teli Van Tch Kus is unclear. Some date it to the 14th century mystic Lal Ded’s time, while others say it goes back to the origin of Kashmir.

Hukus Bukus has previously been used in a popular advertisement for ICICI bank in 2012 (video below).


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