Interview with Educationist Mr. Abdul Qadeer, Founder of Shaheen group of Institutions, the community portal for the Indians living in Kuwait recently interviewed Educationist Dr. Abdul Qadeer, the founder of Shaheen Group of Institutions.Dr. Qadeer was in Kuwait on a invitation from Karnataka Muslim Welfare Association (KMWA).

What started off as a visionary endeavour in a one room tenement accommodating 18 students way back in 1989 has now evolved into a major center of academic excellence touching the lives of more than 11,000 students and 400 teachers.

Educationist par excellence, Dr. Abdul Qadeer is running Shaheen Group of Institutions from Primary to Pre-University level with very good hostel facility.  Apart from educational activities Dr. Abdul Qadeer has also dedicated himself in rendering social responsibilities and yeomen services to the mankind.  He has taken up awareness programs against Gutkha consumption for Green Bidar campaign, Training Camps to Haj Pilgrims and Career Guidance programs to unemployed youth.

Dr. Qadeer’s vision is to make poor people self-confident by providing services and arranging public programs like training on handicrafts, entrepreneurship to the socially and financially backward people. ln recognition of his services, he received many awards to his credit such as Gurukal Award (2004), District level Rajyotsava Award (2008), Shikshana Ratna Prashasti frorn Chitradurga math (2011), Dr. Multaj Khan Award (2012) for Communal Harmony, Karantaka Urdu Academy Award (2012). He is also recipient of Halakatti Sri-2012 Award at 6th Vachana Sahitya Sammelana and Karantaka Ralyotsava Prashasti (2013) from the Government of Karnataka.

Considering yeoman services in the field of Education, Art, Culture, and Health Care to the poor who are socially and financially backward, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi have conferred Honorary Doctorate to Dr. Abdul Qadeer during the 33rd Annual Convocation.

Q: Tell us something about your success journey from small setup of 18 students to a huge 11,000 student educational institution.

Dr. Qadeer: It all started when I was looking for a quality education hub for my younger sibling Abdul Hannan; my search was a futile exercise as I could not find a single standard academic institution in and around Bidar. That was the turning point which motivated me to give up my flourishing career as an engineer in Gulf and turn into an academic entrepreneur. Modest resources, a mountain of faith on Allah Ta’ala and a strong vision to shape a world class academic hub offering top notch facilities were my only capital. Today all of us feel vindicated looking at this magnificent Shaheen family which is rich in knowledge wealth and constantly espouses the philosophy of Allamah lqbal. Shaheen is now marching on majestically imparting an ideal blend of modern academic knowledge and pearls of wisdom from the holy Quran. The group takes immense pride in shaping an ideal secular Islamic environment replete with Sunnah traditions that’s conducive to seamless learning. Shaheen is now poised for a giant leap by making its presence felt in Bengaluru, Mysore, Belagavi, Shimoga, Kolar, Gulbarga, Raichur, Bidar, Basavakalyan, Humnabad, Aurad, Chitguppa, Aurangabad, Patna & lucknow. Students and Teachers from all communities feel as home at shaheen. Best teaching, best environment, best mentoring, overall support, and above all… the care to make them morally upright – these are the ingredients making the Shaheen what it is today!

Q: What are the things parents should consider for their kids during their primary education, in order to have smooth and better higher education

Dr. Qadeer: First and foremost, I would request NRI parents not to pamper their kids by giving them luxurious life, Over pampering will make your kids weak and when situation demands they won’t be able to stand on their feet.  Expose them to tough life, Children wont know the reality of the world. They never hear NO from their parents for their demands. These things will make children weak and when they are faced with real life challenges, they do not live up to the expectations. Over protected kids always feel challenging to go back and settle in India for their higher education.

To make higher education easy, I suggest that, parents send their kids to give any one board examination in their state, they will have advantage of that.

Special attention should be given to the kids when they are in 8th standard, keep them away from smartphones and Televisions.

I also advise parents, not to send their kids to stay with relatives for +12 education, I have always seen that relatives cannot give advises/reprimand your kid for their mistakes and kids as today’s generation is not used to get advises from older people. We being parents always try to inculcate a behaviors of acceptance of advises in our kids. These issues can be addressed by sending kids to well managed and reputed residential schools. Residential schools have lots of advantages,  many of top world leaders are studies under residential school environment.

Q: If someone wants to send their kids to your institution from a very young age, what are the available options?

Dr. Qadeer: If NRI are from Karnataka state then I advise them to send their kids from 8th standard, If they are from other states, they can send their kids from 6th onwards. By spending two years before eighth, they will become residents of Karnataka and will get benefits.   

Q: What is so unique about Shaheen Institutions?

Dr. Qadeer: We believe that, it’s not necessary for everyone to become doctor and engineer. In fact we believe that every student should be hard worker, we bring the atmosphere and train students to work hard. We teach simplicity, we keep students away from smartphones; they are under our supervision 24/7.  

We have eradicated co-education system from our institutions; I believe that, co-education is one of the big problem where most of the time students spend trying to impress each other. We try our level best to remove all possible distraction for students.   

We try to give culture where they learn decision making, they learn leadership qualities.

We have also started giving franchise of our institution, if someone wants to make use of Shaheen success, we can give full assistance to them to establish wherever it’s possible.

Dr. Qadeer receiving awards

Q:   What are the available options for +12 other than conventional Engineering and Medicine for NRI students

Dr. Qadeer: The options are many, I would say, whatever they become they should be perfect in their field. Today in Bengaluru alone there are 16 lacs unemployed engineers, just for a sake we should not become engineer.  Other than engineering, I suggest students to go for basic science, there will be more demands for BSc in future. My special advice to girls not to take up engineering. In Hyderabad alone there are hundreds of engineering girls sitting at home. Girls should take up noble profession like teaching or medicine, India needs 20 lacs doctors at present.  

Q: What are the supportive schemes available from government for establishing education institution?

Dr.Qadeer: There are many supportive infrastructure schemes from government of India but I believe that we should not start any institution keeping govt schemes in mind, First one should establish and successful institution then grants from govt automatically comes. Today Shaheen institution gets one of the major part of grants from govt. 

Q: What are the supportive schemes available from government for minority students  ?

Dr. Qadeer: Today government of India honesty tries to help minority students by giving lots of scholarships, all we need to do is to perform well in 12th standard, there are hundreds of universities in the world who would welcome if you perform well.

Q: Tell us about the diversity at Shaheen University, is it only for Muslims or it’s open to all?

Dr. Qadeer: One of the unique feature of Shaheen is that we have managed to have diversity at all level, we have 50% Non-Muslims study here. We have so many girls from most conservative Hindu society study in our Institutions and they feel very safe here.  This communal harmony is the need of the hour.  I say that today, only institutions can bring back communal harmony in India and we have been in forefront. This is the reason why in year the 2013 Govt of Karnataka gave highest civilian award Rajyothsava award to our institution.

Q: In recent PUC results, Bidar came last in the ranking. Your comments.

Dr. Qadeer:  70 to 80 percent student study in government institutions, in rural area most of the students study in government institutions where they have poor infrastructure, as a result they perform poor in board examinations.  Contrary to this result if you see government medical seats, Bidar gets better seats compared to 20% of other districts in Karnataka. District administration is taking all measures to give quality education in government institutions, I say it is just a matter of time for Bidar to do well in board examinations and no one can stop Bidar in performing well.

Recently Narayana Hrudayalaya of Bengaluru has signed a MoU with Shaheen to bring quality education to rural area and make them doctors.  I request everyone to help us find brilliant students who perform 95% in board examinations and are from rural area, Narayana Hrudayalaya has promised to take such students and give them good opportunities.

Q: Tell us about daily routine of a student at Shaheen ?  

Dr. Qadeer: In 24 hours we give 5 hours teaching and use 10 hours for practicing and doubt clearing. We apply revision method where we revise 7 times. Our students do Yoga in the morning; they also have sports sessions in the evening. They get up for Fajr prayer; they perform all five prayers in the masjid. They go to hostel at 10:30 pm, we do not allow our students to take books to their hostel rooms and In fact they don’t have to. During Ramadan there will be facility for Iftar, Sahoor and Tarawee. Our students are under our 24 hours supervision.

Q: Recently, we heard that one parent came to Shaheen from Kuwait for their kids admission, tell us about it.

Dr. Qadeer: YES, Dr. Yaseen Takur brought his son as he was struggling in Indian schools in Kuwait. Basically he studied earlier in Arabic schools and when they shifted him to Indian schools he was not able to adjust to Indian curriculum. I spoke to the kid for 15 mins and he was ready to stay at shaheen. I promised the parents that he shall definitely do well in his studies.

I know cases where kids have left studies and spent 6 to 7 years in garage or some kind of job, they come to Shaheen and their life changes. There is a possible of U-turn. If you know anyone who has left studies for some reason, they can bring them to us at any stage and we would try our level best to bring their lost student career back.

Q: What Geographical region students you have at SHAHEEN?

Dr. Qadeer: we have students from 6 countries and 16 states of India spanning from different cultures and religions.

Q: What is your Vision for SHAHEEN?

Dr. Qadeer: we want to achieve 1% contribution to the 60,000 Doctors who graduate in India by the year 2020. We want to produce ethical Doctors who can impact the other 99% of Doctors to practice with ethical values and make Medicine field as a noble professional field with ethical Doctors.

Q: we are coming to the end of this Interview, if you have any suggestions or guidance to NRI parents, please go ahead

Dr. Qadeer: I will repeat myself one more time, please don’t pamper your kids with too much love and care. Let them face challenges and let them feel the pain. Never succumb to their unwanted demands, Keep them away from distractions like TV and Smartphones. Allow them to struggle in their life.  Teach them to respect others. My special request to NRI’s to live a simple life, I see these days NRI spend lavishly in their weddings. We should spend same money on poor and needy people. As Ramadan is near, I also request our brothers not to waste money on lavish Iftar parties.  

Thank you Q8India for giving an opportunity to convey my message to residents of Kuwait.




  1. Rahim May 18, 2017 10:53 am Reply

    Great personality and great achievement ! we need more such people in our Ummah

  2. shaik jaffar ahmed @ shakeel Sohel Xerox May 18, 2017 1:03 pm Reply

    He is a unique personality allaha gifted to bidar people, great man and great work for us

  3. Syed Rehman May 18, 2017 3:22 pm Reply

    Leave your message…”its honour to our community that having institutions like shaheen”. Great job sir.
    One of our relatives going to take admission In ur institution for 1st pu science from this year.
    Thank you.

  4. Rahimullah May 18, 2017 4:30 pm Reply

    Great personality and great achievement, Thanks Q8India for sharing the interview

  5. Rahimullah Khan May 18, 2017 4:35 pm Reply

    Great personality and great achievement Thanks Q8India for sharing the interview

  6. mohammad ibrahim May 18, 2017 5:30 pm Reply

    Leave your message…am work in suadi arabia its good experiance to work suadi arabia

  7. Abdul mobin May 18, 2017 5:33 pm Reply

    Off course he is a man who change the education time in bidar district

  8. Naina Redhu May 18, 2017 5:36 pm Reply

    i see very good info for NRI parents here, very useful interview. Thanks Q8 for sharing

  9. Abdul mobin @unnati trust bidar May 18, 2017 5:36 pm Reply

    Off course he is a man who change the education time in bidar district

  10. Abdul mobin (Chairman)Unnati trust bidar May 18, 2017 5:40 pm Reply

    Yes …he is very great personality in the field of education….throught him a numerous candidate get educated…

  11. Masoom Ahmed chowdhury May 18, 2017 5:47 pm Reply

    Yes He is a dynamic person.

  12. Aamena Munazzah May 18, 2017 7:36 pm Reply

    No doubt that Abdul Qadeer sir’s grit and determination has made him such personality.

  13. Aamena Munazzah May 18, 2017 7:43 pm Reply

    No doubt that Abdul Qadeer Sir’s grit and determination has made him such personality.Shaheen has changed many lives.

  14. Aamena Munazzah May 18, 2017 7:44 pm Reply

    No doubt that Abdul Qadeer Sir’s grit and determination has made him such personality.Shaheen has changed many lives….

  15. Mohammed Najeeb ur Rahman May 18, 2017 8:04 pm Reply

    May Allah SWT bless Shaheen Educational Institute and its team led by Dr. Qadreer with immense success and attaining more laurels in the years to come. Aa’meen.

  16. Anonymous May 19, 2017 9:18 am Reply

    Priya. Gourshetty…

    He s an unique personality to whome the God has gifted for the students.. He has changed the career of so many students.. Shaheen has changed my life n my career tooo.. Thanks to Quadeer sir for encouraging the students and being thr with thm always… I would like to thank Quadeer sir for shaping the career of students.. M proud to b the student of shaheen. I wl pray that this institution wl touch the sky 1 fine day..aameen.

  17. Nazira Alam May 19, 2017 12:12 pm Reply

    it is not as beautiful as it seems..for students undergo extreme depression,without being looked after…The environment that they speak of to teach hardwork or simplicity on its counterpart offers ill health,and immense mental pressure..for the supervisors are primarily illiterate..The stated appraisal is much of a deviation from the harsh reality,as it may result to the destruction of the flourishing minds of young children..

  18. Amir Patel May 20, 2017 4:04 am Reply

    I need institute location (address )

  19. Siddiqui Shahid Afridi June 9, 2017 5:51 pm Reply

    Qadeer sir is very good personality I have seen. We can’t say anything about qadeer sir. Whatever we say is less to qadeer sir. I the student of shaheen salute qadeer sir.

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