Telugu Kala samithi drama festival on 26th, May, 2017

Telugu Kala Samithi the most dynamic and culturally vibrant Association  of Telugu speaking people in Kuwait, third time TKS is organizing Theatre Drama festival (Natakotsavaalu)  on 26.05.2017  at Boys Scout Theater, Hawalli. Nine senior most artist distinguished in the field of drama are coming to Kuwait to perform 3 plays on a single day. Yes it’s going to be a rare feat and a feast for the drama lovers.With the advent of movies,satellite channels and internet importance of dramas are fast fading. To give a flip to this art Telugu Kala Samithi is organizing this event.Telugu Kala Samithi’s commitment to the noble cause of giving life to dramas reflects in organizing thisgrandeur.

Whether one agrees or disagrees, drama remains an insightful and “insightful” element of creativity, meant to provide entertainment to the masses.

Drama creates an immediate impression, reacts to the social and political events about it, and offers observation, defiance, and even suggestions to improve quality of life. Keeping in mind all these things3 plays are exclusively selected to present on that day for Kuwait drama lovers.

The first Play is “Bypass”, penned by AkellaSivaprasad and directed by Goparaju Vijay. The central  idea of the play is that experience teaches many things to every man and real life encounters transform every person into a good human-being. Normally, heart bypass surgery is done to replace damaged arteries in one’s heart muscle to resume blood flow to the heart. Here in the case of human relations, if we fail to recognise the affection of our relatives and friends, we too will have to go for a sort of bypass surgery to correct our attitude in this beautiful world. 

The second play is “ChaaluIkaChaalu” written by P V Bhavani Prasad and directed byGoparaju Vijay, the theme of this play is In the present society, any wish the children may have needs to be fulfilled by the parents without any hesitation. Unfortunately the vice versa is not fulfilled even for small wishes that the parents might have. The resolution taken by such parents who face rejection from their own children is “Enough it’s enough”

The last play is “OkkaMaateChaalu” written by P V Bhavani Prasad and directed by Goparaju Vijay. The play is written with an emphasis on the fact that we should be careful with our words in order to maintain human relations in today’s world. The underlying meaning of the play is to make people understand the thing that tongue, which has no bones, is so powerful to break a heart, if it is used in an inappropriate way; the tongue represents our ability to speak. Humans are the only creatures in the entire world who have the ability to convey their thoughts and feelings with words. The ability to communicate our thoughts is a marvelous gift given by God.

All these plays are going to be presented by the famous SRI SAI ARTS, Kolakaluru, Tenali. Sri Sai Arts received several awards and accolades across India for their performance.

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