Airconditioned Waiting Stops For Public Transport Buses, Taxis

MP Osama Al-Shaheen has presented two proposals; first on preventing buses and taxis from parking on emergency roads, and the second on the establishment air-conditioned ‘stops’.

On the importance of the first proposal, Al-Shaheen explained that traffic issue is an important element for citizens, residents and visitors since traffic congestion has been a thorny issue and must be solved before Kuwait fulfills its dream of becoming a global financial and investment center.

He added since the buses and taxis ‘wait’ on the side of the streets in many places because they have no designated places, either on the Third Ring Road — the late Abdul Allah Ali Al Mutawa Road and others, he proposed that buses and taxis should be prohibited from parking in emergency lanes.

He also proposed that the Public Authority for Transport should ensure the availability of sufficient private spaces for public buses and taxis.

In the second proposal, Al-Shaheen added since the public transportation buses and taxis and others cause traffic congestion, he proposed that the Public Authority for Transport establish shaded and airconditioned waiting stops for public transport buses, taxis and others in all streets of Kuwait, using solar power and other forms of clean and renewable energy at the expense of transport companies.


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