CSC statistics shows 23,902 citizens registered for recruitment in the public sector

Recent Civil Service Commission (CSC) statistics showed that 23,902 citizens are registered on the waiting list for recruitment in the public sector, including 17,975 females and 5,927 males. It showed that only 15 out of 4,558 females and eight out of 2,537 males were directly nominated for a job without having to wait for their turn. Statistics also showed the presence of 12,066 vacancies in state departments including 10 for PhD holders, 21 for Master’s degree holders, 6,560 for BA degree holders and 2,853 for two-year diploma holders.

Official statistics released last year had shown that nearly 58 percent of unemployed Kuwaitis refuse to work in the private sector, preferring to wait until a public sector job becomes available. Almost 87 percent of Kuwait’s national labor force works in the public sector, according to the 2015 Labor Force Survey published by Kuwait’s Central Statistical Bureau (CSB).

The public sector remains the most attractive employer for a variety of reasons: shorter working hours, often less demanding work, all public holidays, benefits and perks not always available in the private sector and security since locals cannot be fired except in extreme circumstances. Unemployment among Kuwaitis reached 4.7 percent in 2015 according to the statistics.


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