In its monthly meeting on January 27, 2017, the Writers' Forum, Kuwait (WFK)
invited Mr. A. K. Srivastava—Second Secretary, Press, Information and Culture, at
the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, to thank him for his patronage and co-operation in all
the activities of the WFK during his tenure at the Embassy of India, Kuwait. Mr.
Srivastava will be leaving Kuwait on his next assignment in India.
The President of the WFK- Umesh Sharma presented a Memento to Mr Srivastava
and expressed his gratitude for the willing support and encouragement always
extended by him.
Those present at the meeting, held at the residence of Urdu critic and poet
–Maimuna Ali Chougle included: Ali Chougle, Umesh Sharma, Dr. Arvind Raina, Dr.
Abdul Razzak Rumani, Sunil Sonsi, Sayeed Nazar Kadapavi, Syed Qamar Minto,
Ameeruddin Ameer, Dr. Rubina Chougle, Nazneen Ali, Rajesh Verlekar, Sabir O.
Galsulkar, Maimuna Ali Chougle, Kamal Ansari, Afroz Alam, Ibrahim Sange Raja,
Samiuzama, Syed Kaif, Asif, Shahnawaz, and Dr. Navniit Gandhi.


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