‘INDIAN LAWYERS’ FORUM’ Kuwait  is the UNIQUE association of Indian Lawyers and    Law Graduates working in Kuwait.  This is the only known NRI LAWYERS’ association  anywhere outside India.

Originally Formed in 1988, by the initiative of our founder President Palavilayil Thomas Panicker with 7 members.    Now the Association has 128 Indian Lawyers and Law graduates as members and the Forum is  registered with Indian Embassy in Kuwait,  the Govt. of Kerala  NORKA Department  & the Central Govt NRI Data Bank. All family members of lawyers are also associate members of this orgainsation.

Main aim of the Forum is to work as a binding force among the Indian Lawyers and law graduates working in Kuwait. It is also the aim of this forum to unite the Indian lawyers, law graduates and their families in Kuwait, introduce them, promote them, act as a forum to express their legal and other ideas, interact and help each other and act as a place for family get together.

We are rendering required Legal information to the needy Indians residing in Kuwait in our humble way. We are also successful in conducting legal seminars for the benefit of the community.  Many of our members having more than 10 years of Court practice experience in India and many more  working with Local Law Firms as legal practitioners.

We are also effectively involved with several social issues related to the Indian community.

Each year we celebrate our annual day, Onam and New year.


President:   Adv. Thomas Panicker, 00965 97203939,

00966 552083945,  0091 9446902591.  [email protected]

Vice Presidents:        Adv. Vidhya Sumod,

General Secretary:    Adv.Suresh Pulickal

Joint Secretaries:      Adv. Jezeena Bashir, Adv. Rema Sudhir

Treasurer:                 Adv. Shivadas

General Convenor:   Adv. Mohammed Bashir

Executive Members:




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  1. Jyoti May 12, 2017 9:35 pm Reply

    Dear sir
    I’m working in private company they people terminated me with out any reason and notice period now they said to me I’ll go to the soun my permit cancellation they said first cancel after that they will pay for me after that they said to me I’ll tell in the soun my all due amount is clear but actually I don’t get anything sir so suggest me in right way sir
    Thank jyoti

    • T Tray May 13, 2017 9:37 am Reply

      Dear Jyoti,
      I am not an expert. Probably an expert will respond more aptly. But from my limited knowledge, you should get your settlement to say that you got all your settlement. If not dont say that you got it.

  2. George July 24, 2017 6:55 pm Reply

    Hi i need your help regarding cargo servece . i send cargo 3month before (air cargo )untile now i didnt recive… While i am calling not answering… Please give me advaice…. Thanks.

  3. Mohan October 6, 2017 7:47 pm Reply

    I’m Mohan my company not giving leave for me Incase they will give he asking a jamin

  4. Prem Ptel December 4, 2017 12:30 am Reply

    I was working in kuwait and took personal loan from gulf bank. last year in September I came to india on emergency leave and could not go back to kuwait due to family reasons. I have unpaid personal loan of 5700 KD. As I am jobless I could not pay loan EMI. My questions are:
    1. Can Gulf bank kuwait take legal action against me in India?
    2. Will they register criminal case or civil case or travel ban on me in GCC?
    3. If in future I want to go to kuwait, Can I go? what will happen?
    4. Can I settle in 50% of loan amount with bank and pay it from india?
    5.Also my company has not paid me end of service benefit amount of 1400 KD, what can I do? How to get it?
    Actually I have been selected for better job in kuwait. Company has started visa procedures. 1. Will I get entry visa to kuwait? Would they come to know about loan default during visa process and upon the same can they initiate actions against me in india.
    2. What are rules in kuwait about loan default, is there compulsory jail sentence for particular time even if I clear dues.
    3. To settle and clear outstanding dues, do I need to contact to bank or local lawyer there or indian lawyer? If I clear dues how much time it will take to get NOC and to lift travel ban, will i be able to go kuwait safely after clearing dues.
    4. Is it possible to clear dues on kuwait airport?.

  5. Gautam Thami January 20, 2018 4:53 pm Reply

    Hi Sir,
    If an employee in under probation period (100 days)
    He can give resigned and stop working, even the employer transfer his visa from his previous employer.


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