Demonetisation will be the end of Modi, says Hindu Mahasabha

Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being anti-Hindu, senior members of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabhahave said that the Centre’s demonetisation move would be the beginning of the end of his rule. The saffron organisation alleged that the policy had been introduced just before the start of the Hindu wedding season while BJP members were encouraging Islamic banks in the country.

Questioning the government’s currency move, Mahasabha’s national general secretary Pooja Shakun Pandey said the purpose of the scheme is yet not known. “Poor people, those who earn Rs 200-300 every day or those who survive on paltry government pensions, are the ones who are suffering. The move doesn’t seem to have made an impact on the rich,” she said in Aligarh.


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