Kuwait Kerala Islahi Centre (KKIC)

Kuwait Kerala Islahi Centre (KKIC), established in 1986, is a Muslim organization working mainly among Keralite expatriates in Kuwait.

Aims and Objectives:

The main focus of KKIC is to convey the message of Islam in its pure and unblemished form. Simultaneously the centre has been contributing towards the socio-cultural and educational uplift of the Muslim community and promotion of communal harmony and amity. The central theme of the organization is to create awareness in the community regarding Islam and to warn them of the eternally dire consequences of shirk (associating partners to Allah,the One and only Sustainer of all worlds and creations) and bid’a (innovations in Islam) which a major portion of the community are still indulged in, and lead them to Tawheed (the Islamic Monotheism) and the Sunnah (tradition) of Muhammad(S) The last messenger of Allah.


KKIC has seventeen units and around nine hundred members at present. The central office of KKIC is situated in Kuwait City, opposite to the old Air India office. The official website address is www.islahikuwait.org. The seventeen unit committees together form the General Council. An executive committee and a secretariat are elected from within the council for ease of day to day functions. Additionally, KKIC has a women’s wing Kuwait Islahi Women’s Association (KISWA) and students’ wing – Kuwait Islamic
Students Movement (KISM).

Contact: http://www.islahikuwait.org/


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