IMA Launches ‘Quran For All’ Campaign

Indian Muslim Association (IMA) has organized a 15-day Campaign on the Subject ‘Quran for All’ from 4th Nov to 18th Nov 2016. A launching program has been held at the Grand Mosque (Masjid Al-Kabeer) Kuwait. This campaign is intended to clear the misunderstandings associated with the Holy Quran & Islam. This will help promote an environment of better understanding among different faiths & communities. The campaign will advance the very purpose of uniting humankind under universal message of Peace, Tranquility & Friendship as emphasized in the Holy Book. The Holy Qur’an carries an incredible message of truth, compassion, goodwill & tolerance leading humankind towards a peaceful & successful life. IMA through this Campaign, would humbly request for the support from the people towards this noble cause.


During the campaign people from different faiths and religions will be participating. Small gatherings and meets will be arranged where the Scholars and Intellectuals from Muslims as well as Non-Muslims will address and contribute towards the success of the Campaign.               A leading Scholar from India, Iqbal Mulla Sahab will address the concluding programs of the Campaign on 17 & 18th November 2016.

The copies of the Holy Qur’an with translations in various languages will be made available for free distribution. An Exhibition displaying the message of the Holy Qur’an will be held during the Campaign.

Various Competitions will be held during the campaign. An essay writing competition is being arranged during the ‘Quran for All – Campaign’. Where students from all faiths are encouraged to participate. The handwritten essays to be mailed at

Online Quiz Competition is also organized at the link

Fabulous prizes will be given to the winners of these competitions.

Indian Muslim Association (IMA) is a premier Indian Embassy affiliated, religious, social welfare Organization in Kuwait, strives hard to inculcate moral values. It works closely amongst Indian Expatriates living in Kuwait. IMA is trying to develop sense of responsibility among men & women alike with a special focus on youth of new generation so that they would appropriately represent our beloved nation in this foreign land.

Another prime objective of IMA is to promote goodwill & friendship among people of different communities, faiths & cultural groups / organization residing in Kuwait through various social, religious awareness events & program round the year.

For information on the ‘Quran for All’ Campaign Mr. Mansur can be reached on Cellular Number 69901154.


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