Julio Cardoso – Star Indian Football Stalwart in Kuwait

Julio Cardoso, a popular figure on the football and social field and one of the most prominent personalities among Goans in Kuwait is an undisputed football legend among Indians in Kuwait.  He has been playing football since 1979 in Kuwait and has excelled as a brilliant goalkeeper with an agile body and quick reflexes.

Hailing from the pristine village of  Galgibaga, Cancona in South Goa, Julio Cardoso and his beloved wife Zinia celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary recently by completing 25 years of successful wedded life together in January 2012. The couple is blessed with two lovely daughters Amanda  who after graduating from St. Xavier’s in Mumbai has taken up employment in the same city and Valerie who is pursuing her BArch degree in Manipal.  Julio Cardoso came to Kuwait in mid seventies and besides taking up employment he also started taking active part in different activities conducted by the Goans in Kuwait, football being his main activity.    Presently he is working for Easa Husain Al-Yousifi the distributors of  Panasonic in Kuwait as the   Administration & Quality Assurance Manager in the Service Division.

A long serving stalwart of Goan Overseas Association (Goa Maroons)  Julio Cardoso  was awarded in 2007, ‘Athlete of the Year’ by Clube Recreative de Chinchinim (CRC Chinchinim). The award being a distinguished trophy, is one of the few noteworthy awards for Indian sportsmen in Kuwait and is given away for to an individual for absolute and outstanding contribution and achievements in sports.

Besides being a complete footballer, Cardoso is well known for his ‘jovial’ nature and great sense of humor.   The evergreen star started his game at a young age of 19 years with Friends Club in 1977 and thereafter played  for top clubs of Kuwait like Salcette United, Incredible XI, United Goans, etc, before joining the renowned club GOA Maroons in 1994. One of the oldest players registered with the  Kuwait Indian Football Federation (KIFF),  Julio has been playing active football till date.  During his peak form he was considered as one of the best goalkeepers in Kuwait especially during his years with Friends Club and Goa Maroons.  In recent  Over the years Julio has represented Kuwait in the KIFF Selection that toured Bahrain in 1987 and also he has played exhibition matches in Dubai, Bahrain,  and Oman.   He also captained a team of Kuwait Goans sponsored by Goan Welfare Society at the Overseas Mini World Cup Tournament held in Goa in 2001.

 Having won many ‘man of the match’ awards in Kuwait Indian Football Federation (KIFF) organized tournaments in Kuwait over a period of 30 years playing competitive soccer, Julio is also considered to be one of the very few good referees in Kuwait.  Having passed his Referee’s examination with the Indian Football Referees Association (IFRA)  in Kuwait, he regularly officiates expatriate and Arab tournaments in Kuwait. 

Besides soccer, he is also very active in social activities and social work. He was Vice President of Goan Welfare Society (GWS) and is currently the  General Secretary of Goan Overseas Association in Kuwait.   Being a soft spoken person, he  is always cool in temperament  and known to create positive energy in and around him.    In the social circle he is a well known compere (emcee) having emceed  many functions and Shows in Kuwait.  As an active member of GWS, he was   part of “organizing committees” for several Essay/Drawing/Singing and Social Events over the years including the famous ‘May Ball’ which was organized by GWS.  One aspect of Julio that many may not be aware of is that he has assisted quite a few Indian job seekers from Goa, Mumbai and Kerala placing and training them in various employments in Kuwait including his own work place.  At present he is actively involved in ISO certification and implementation procedures (only a few Goans are involved in such capability and human resources developments techniques and implementation) in Kuwait.

In a little chat with Q8india.com, Julio advises young Indian Footballers in Kuwait that they should try to develop their skills all the time and seek advice from senior players and above all respect the referees.  He further said to be aware of injuries, as careers of many young footballers may cut short due to gratuitous and unattended injuries.

Julio is an inspiration to the Young Indian Footballers in Kuwait, and  on behalf of Indians living in Kuwait, Q8india.com  wishes him more accomplishments in his future commitments.




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