No price rise without approval from UCCS.

According to the Chairperson of the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies (UCCS) Abdulwahab Al-Faris, the price of any commodity item, which is included in the circulars of the union, has not been increased from the time Al-Faris assumed his duties. No one can impose any increase without following the relevant process on the union’s website and the issuance of a circular to cooperative societies in that regard, reports Al-Anba daily. In a press statement, Al-Faris explained that the union fine-tuned the matter by not allowing companies to communicate except via the site. Requests for an increase can only be made through the site.

Any request outside the site is directly rejected, and is not paid attention to. He assured consumers that the door for increasing prices through the union’s website is completely closed and will not be opened at the present time, stressing that the union has not and will not increase the price of any product in the near future.

Al-Faris went on to explain that one of the responsibilities of consumers is to contribute to controlling violations that occur in some cooperative societies if they occur, by monitoring the same product and verifying its previous and subsequent price, and submitting an official complaint to Consumer Protection Society to carry out its work, verify the complaint and hold the cooperative society responsible for its violation of the circulars issued in this regard.

The violation can only happen by bypassing the union or through the supplying company. Consumers should pay attention to a very important matter represented in the fact that the product’s features have increased, which may be in weight or components. Some companies increase the weight of their product or make a change in its components that requires an increase in its price. This matter is taken into consideration when reviewing the price.

Source- Arab Times.

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