Kuwait Armed Forces capable of protecting its lands.

ASG command handover in Buehring, Arifjan camps

US Army’s ceremony of transferring and handing over the command of ASG.

The Commander- in-Chief of the US Central Army Lieutenant General Patrick Frank affirmed that the Kuwaiti Armed Forces are capable of protecting its lands and deterring any threats, reports Al-Qabas daily. He said this recently during the US Army’s ceremony of transferring and handing over the command of the Area Support Group (ASG) in Camps Buehring and Arifjan from Colonel Martin Wohlgemuth, who left his post a year later, to Colonel Daniel Anslin, who will lead the unit next year. Lieutenant General Frank insisted that the Kuwaiti army is highly qualified and equipped, and is capable of protecting Kuwait’s land with merit. He described the military and defense relations between Kuwait and his country as strategic and excellent, explaining that the American forces in Kuwait work with the Kuwaiti armed forces on a daily basis.

Training takes place together and they coordinate to support the forces and operations in the region. Lieutenant General Frank expressed appreciation for the role played by the Kuwaiti armed forces in this regard. He indicated that the defense and military relations with Kuwait contribute to supporting the security and stability of the region, and enabling them to face any urgent challenges, adding that perhaps the Arifjan and Buehring camps, their joint exercises, and the readiness of forces and equipment are the biggest evidence of that fact.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Military Cooperation Department in the Kuwait Army Brigadier General Fahad Al-Otaibi affirmed the depth of the relationship between the Area Support Group in Kuwait and the Kuwait Military Cooperation Directorate, which he described as “strong and important”. He indicated that these two units work every day to implement the cooperation defense agreement between the United States and Kuwait.

Al-Otaibi said, “This work is accomplished through official bilateral meetings that take place throughout the year, and most importantly, the daily informal coordination between our employees.” He praised the coordination and hard work carried out by the Area Support Group (ASG-KU) in Kuwait to ensure the implementation of the largest military tasks successfully in Kuwait and the region under the appropriate defense cooperation agreement procedures. Al-Otaibi expressed his pleasure to work with Colonel Martin Wohlgemuth over the past year “to ensure that our mutual military tasks are accomplished as effectively as possible.”

He praised Colonel Martin for his role, good communication and transparency. Al-Otaibi welcomed the new region support commander Colonel Daniel Enslen and said he is looking forward to working with him to strengthen Kuwaiti- American relations. In addition, the Area Support Group commander in Buehring and Arifjan, the outgoing Colonel Martin Wohlgemuth described his experience in Kuwait as wonderful.

He said, “The most important characteristic of Kuwait is its generous and hospitable people. Diwaniyas are part of the oldest Kuwaiti traditions, which contribute to building relations and friendships. I will miss the Kuwaiti people, and that I have a lot to tell about Kuwait to my family and friends when I return to my homeland.” Colonel Wohlegemuth, indicated that he has unforgettable memories in Kuwait. Regarding the advice he gave his successor Colonel Daniel Enslen, he said, “The most important thing is to support and strengthen the partnership and friendship between the two countries from the beginning of the first day.” Colonel Wohlgemuth thanked his Kuwaiti colleagues, who have high capabilities, adding, “I was pleased to work with you and we look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Source- Arab Times.

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