Kuwait Airport’s Urgent Hygiene Crisis: Cleaning Contract Renewal in Limbo.

The ongoing hygiene crisis at Kuwait International Airport’s “Terminal T1” has resurfaced, raising concerns over neglect and potential inconvenience for travelers, particularly during the peak summer vacation season. Despite multiple prior reports, the issue remains unresolved, and the airport’s image and reputation are at risk.

According to official documents and correspondence obtained by Al-Qabas, the cleaning contract with a company is set to expire on July 25, and there has been no renewal as of yet. The situation has become critical, as the cleaning company has threatened to withdraw its services and equipment due to the impending contract expiration. The company has demanded settlement of its financial dues and set a deadline of midnight on the 26th of this month to cease operations at the airport.

The sources have expressed their dismay over the lack of action regarding the cleaning contract renewal. They find it illogical not to address this issue, especially considering the ongoing travel season and the importance of having an integrated plan to ensure all services are provided at the airport, reports Al Qabas. Despite the urgency, the General Administration of Civil Aviation has yet to approve the contract extension, leading to heightened tensions.

In response to grievances related to non-payment of invoices and contract discounts, one of the cleaning companies contracted with the General Administration of Civil Aviation submitted a letter on July 11, urging authorities to address the issue promptly. The company stressed the need for justice, requesting the settlement of outstanding bills without any deductions and expressing its willingness to continue providing services if the requirements are met.

To continue offering services beyond the 25th of this month, the cleaning company has set two conditions: full payment of outstanding dues before the specified date and an official written approval of the price offer and contract extension.

Despite the company’s willingness to continue providing services, it raised concerns about the lack of response from the Civil Aviation Administration and the absence of a written notification regarding the contract extension. In response, the company warned of handing over the site and withdrawing its machinery and equipment used for the cleaning contract if the situation remains unresolved.

The situation has also affected the cleaners’ accommodations, with the company ceasing to renew the residency of workers registered under the airport contract since June 1, 2023. Instead, it has registered them for other government contracts, preparing to evacuate and hand over the sites if the invoices remain unpaid and the contract isn’t renewed according to legal procedures.

In light of these pressing issues, there are urgent demands that need to be addressed promptly:

Develop a comprehensive plan to improve airport cleaning services urgently.
Accelerate efforts to enhance the airport facilities, moving away from routine procedures.
Comply with the open skies policy and promptly settle the hygiene contract issue.
Put an end to continuous neglect within the airport facility.
Immediate actions are required to ensure a safe, clean, and pleasant environment for travelers at Kuwait International Airport. Failing to address these concerns promptly may have serious repercussions on the country’s reputation and tourism industry.

Source- Arab Times.

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