Kuwaiti Official Emphasizes Food Safety Compliance During Travel.

Dr. Ghanim Al-Juhailan, Kuwait’s consultant of internal medicine and infectious diseases at Al-Adan Hospital, urged Thursday people to stick to food safety to avoid diseases transmitted during travel. Speaking to KUNA in a statement, Al-Juhailan advised people to be cautious when they drink or eat during travel for their safety due to the spreads of some diseases in some countries. He stated that high temperature leads to food spoilage, and causes bacteria and food poisoning in summer.

He warned against food poisoning during heatwaves affect several countries in summer, calling for abiding by food safety and avoiding keeping food at high temperature for loner times. The most communicable diseases are flue and adenoviruses that affect respiratory system, and cause bronchitis, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia, he said. Al-Juhailan also cautioned against some diseases, such as hepatitis A caused by virus infection centered in some areas in Africa, and South and Central America. He said that there is also dengue fever, which causes severe headache, fever and severe joint pain, in addition to a rash, which might appear with bright red skin transmitted by mosquitoes.

Source- Arab Times.

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