Kuwait’s Electricity Consumption Hits Record High as Temperatures Soar.

As temperatures soared beyond 50 degrees Celsius, Kuwait experienced a significant surge in electricity consumption, resulting in the highest electrical load index ever recorded in the country’s history.

At 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the electrical load measurement index peaked at a record-breaking consumption rate of 16,370 megawatts, surpassing last year’s highest load of 16,180 megawatts.

The spike in current consumption rates can be attributed to the scorching temperatures ranging between 49 and 50 degrees Celsius, according to informed sources.

Despite the anticipated high electricity and water consumption, the Ministry assured that the country’s production capacity is sufficient to meet the energy and water needs of Kuwait. However, the Ministry emphasized the importance of consumer cooperation in reducing loads during peak hours by refraining from using high-load electrical appliances.

Given the persistently high temperatures, sources anticipate that consumption rates will remain elevated throughout the rest of July. The Ministry plans to leverage the travel season to alleviate some of the load during the summer period.

Concurrently, the Ministry observed a parallel increase in water consumption rates, with consumption reaching 501 million imperial gallons, approaching the production rate of 508 million imperial gallons.

Source- Arab Times.

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