‘Those with new Turkish nationality face hurdles’.

‘Each case will be studied separately’

The General Administration for Residence Affairs affirmed that it will not accept any change in the nationalities of individuals holding suspended nationalities to the nationality of Turkey except after studying each case separately; accordingly, measures will be taken in this regard, reports Al-Anba daily. It justified its opinion by stating that when an individual acquires the nationality of a particular country, he becomes a citizen of that country, enjoys all the rights granted to the citizens of that country, and bears all the obligations resulting from that.

The administration explained that many people holding the suspended nationalities are seeking to obtain Turkish citizenship after which they obtain passports stating their affiliation to Turkish citizenship. This is happening due to the ease of obtaining that nationality.

Also, the Republic of Türkiye (Turkey) is officially among the countries whose citizens can enter Kuwait using entry visas that are issued to them directly from the port of entry. Therefore, many people belonging to the suspended nationalities seek to obtain Turkish citizenship so that they can enter Kuwait using the visas received upon arrival.

After obtaining Turkish citizenship, many of these people, who are residents of Kuwait, may not be able to renew their Turkish passports after expiry. This results in a problem, which is the existence of a category of foreigners whose residency cannot be renewed by the General Administration of Foreign Affairs due to the expiry of their passports and their inability to renew those passports or leave the country. It will also become impossible to expel these people from the country if necessary. Some of the countries to which many of these people belonged before obtaining Turkish citizenship may refuse to take them back.

Source- Arab Times.

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