Revitalizing Kuwait’s Souk Mubarakiya: Plans to Upgrade and Enhance the Iconic Markets.

The Municipal Council approved, in its main session today, Monday, chaired by Abdullah Al-Mahri, a project to develop Al- Mubarakiya markets, its parking lots and commercial areas close to it, in addition to developing the Municipal Park.

The Council also approved a draft amendment ‘Regulations of Cleanliness and Waste Transportation’, as the regulation contains more than 30 articles after deleting some articles due to their overlapping with the regulations of other municipal departments, as the new regulation was divided into five chapters in order to be more flexible to develop new articles in the future regarding waste management and public hygiene.

The Council stated that the new regulation is considered an entry point for a new era of municipal waste management and public hygiene, as the vision and objectives of the new regulation were defined with the cooperation of all members of the committee and the technical team, including the opinion of the Environment Public Authority and its reflection on the articles of the regulation.

The Council approved the advisory agreement for the study, design and preparation of contractual documents and supervision of the implementation and maintenance of rainwater drainage systems for the northern, southern and western urban areas of the State of Kuwait. It also approved the request of the Ministry of Finance to transfer the allocation of the site allocated to Kuwait Municipality, described as the Fintas Entertainment Service Center in Al-Aqila area, Plot 5, in favor of the Ministry of Finance for in kind payment of the deficit of the Public Institution for Social Insurance.

Source- Arab Times.

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