585 private schools in Kuwait; 159 Arab schools.

In its annual bulletin on education statistics for the year 2021/2022, the Central Statistical Bureau revealed that there are 585 private schools in Kuwait, 426 of which teach foreign curricula and has 255,140 students, with about 74,893 Kuwaitis and 180,247 non-Kuwaitis. On the other hand, there are only 159 Arab schools with about 94,150 students of whom 74,743 are non-Kuwaitis, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the bulletin, there are 448 mixed schools in the foreign system, and 38 in the Arab system. However, schools for people with special needs do not exceed ten schools in the two systems. The schools with the foreign system are distributed over the educational stages in the following manner – 109 kindergartens, 112 primary schools, 109 intermediate schools, 90 secondary schools and 6 schools for people with special needs.

In the Arab system, there are 15 kindergartens, 44 primary schools, 50 intermediate schools and 46 secondary schools and 4 schools for people with special needs. Furthermore, the bulletin, which attributed its information to the Ministry of Education, highlighted that there are about 853 schools in the public education sector distributed over all educational zones. It explained that the number of students enrolled in these schools is 425,501 male and female students, of whom 65,565 are non-Kuwaitis.

The number of teachers in these schools is 73,335 of both genders, of whom 23,251 are non-Kuwaitis. The number of students enrolled in public education schools in the year 2021/2022 among citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council was 16,259 distributed in the three educational stages in the following manner – 6,863 students in primary schools, 5,380 in intermediate schools, and 4,016 in secondary schools.

Saudi students constitute the majority with 15,405 students, followed by Bahrainis with 411, Omanis with 348, Qataris with 51, and the last among them are UAE students with only 44 male and female students. There are 11 religious institutes in Kuwait distributed among three governorates, namely Ahmadi, Hawally and Farwaniya, and they include 2,188 Kuwaiti students and 1,042 non-Kuwaiti students. The number of teachers in the religious institutes is about 746 male and female teachers. There are 151 centers for literacy and adult education, which include about 28,225 male and female students. Regarding special education schools, the bulletin stated that there are 16 such schools, which include about 895 Kuwaitis and 426 non-Kuwaitis, and their educational staff totals 1,380 teachers in number.

Source- Arab Times.

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