Fact-finding committee to probe 2 tenders floated for a new passenger terminal.

Minister of Public Works, Dr. Amani Boughmaz, has issued a decision to form a “fact-finding” committee on the background of the tender that was floated for the construction, development and maintenance of roads and intersections, to serve the new passenger terminal at Kuwait Airport on Al-Maqwa Road, reports Al-Rai daily, The tender includes the construction, furnishing and maintenance of Package No. 3 for parking lots, aircraft runways and service buildings, in the building itself.

The decision specifies the terms of reference of the committee with four main tasks, represented in reviewing all papers and documents related to the two aforementioned tenders, to ensure the integrity and correctness of the procedures taken by the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport and the Ministry of Works in this regard. The committee will also look into the technical reports issued by the committees, examine the complaints from the bidders and the responses given by the Ministry of Works and the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport (PART), to those complaints and the extent to which they meet the contractual and legal aspects.

The minister’s decision to form the committee confirms her keenness to ward off any suspicions or doubts in the course of the procedures for issuing and awarding the two tenders, which enhances the concept of transparency that Boqmaz is keen to pursue in all issues related to the ministry’s projects confirming the ministry’s commitment to honor the findings and recommendations of the committee.

The decision gave the committee the freedom to set the system it deems appropriate to carry out its work, so that it can address all the sectors, departments and relevant authorities, summon and hear the statements of those it deems necessary for its work from inside or outside the ministry, and review and request documents related to the subject of the committee. The decision also specified two weeks from the date of the first meeting of the committee to submit its special report, including the results and recommendations.

Source- Arab Times.

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