Mullet Fishing Season Now Open in Kuwait’s Territorial Waters until November 30th.

The Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources has announced the opening of mullet fishing season in Kuwait’s territorial waters. From July to November, fishermen are permitted to fish for mullets, except in certain restricted areas such as Kuwait Bay, the three-mile coastal zone, and the surrounding islands.

According to Mohsen Al-Mutairi, the Deputy Director-General of Fisheries, the eastern part of Bubiyan Island within the three-mile coastal zone, from Ras Al-Barsha in the south to Ras Al-Qayed in the north, is also excluded, unless specified otherwise. Fishing is prohibited around Maskan Island, Failaka, and Awha within the three-mile coastal zone of these islands.

Al-Mutairi emphasized that mullet fishing and its circulation are strictly prohibited during the non-fishing season. He highlighted the importance of complying with various conditions and controls when fishing for mullet in the excluded areas, which includes obtaining a seasonal permit from the competent department of the Authority.

The authorized hunting time is set from six in the morning until six in the evening, and the Authority reserves the right to revoke the hunting permit in case of any violations.

Al-Mutairi urged everyone to adhere to the regulations and laws governing fishing activities, emphasizing that individuals who fail to comply with this decision will be subject to penalties under Law No. 46 of 1980, which pertains to the protection of fish wealth.

Source- Arab Times.

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