Increase in expat workforce by 63,000 in 3 months.

Indian Community Leads Private Sector

According to a statistical report released by the Central Department of Statistics in collaboration with the Public Authority for Manpower, there has been a notable increase in the total number of workers in the country. Within the first three months of this year, the workforce grew by 63,000 individuals, reaching a total of 2.853 million workers compared to the figures recorded at the end of the previous year.

The report highlights the ongoing advancement of the Indian community in both the private and domestic worker sectors, contributing to the overall workforce, reports Al Qabas. Meanwhile, Kuwaitis constitute the largest number of employees in the government sector, with a total of 468,328 workers.

The report further reveals that Indian labor witnessed a significant increase of 22,993 workers, bringing the total number of Indians in the labor market across all sectors to 857,671 individuals. Egyptians followed in second place with 486,656 workers, showing an increase of 3,473 individuals.

Kuwaiti workers rank third in the local job market, totaling 444,822 employees, with a rise of 2,175 workers. Filipino workers maintained their position as the fourth-largest group, surpassing Bangladeshis.

Additionally, the government sector observed a growth in its workforce during the first quarter of this year, with approximately 3,722 male and female Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti employees.

The figures indicate a total of 468,328 male and female employees in the government sector, displaying an increase of 3,728 employees overall.

The number of national workers increased by 2,290 citizens in the government sector compared to the figures registered at the end of 2022, while non-Kuwaitis accounted for 1,432 individuals.

Moreover, domestic employment experienced a surge of 26,886 workers, as the report recorded the presence of 780,183 domestic workers in the country. Among them, 98.9% were distributed among ten major nationalities, while nearly 8,000 workers represented other nationalities.

Indian workers hold the top position among domestic workers, totaling 347,000 individuals, marking an increase of 9,700 workers since the end of the previous year. The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Ethiopia, Benin, Indonesia, Mali, and Pakistan follow in sequential order.

Source- Arab Times.

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