Power Load Surges at 48°C, Optimize Energy Usage by Switching Off Unnecessary Gadgets.

The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy said “Despite the high rates of electricity and water consumption at the moment, the ministry’s production capacity is sufficient to meet the country’s needs for energy and water but has requested consumers not to operate high power consuming electrical appliances, reports Al- Rai daily. The ministry added the electrical load index Friday recorded the highest for the current summer, due to the rising temperatures, which hit 48 degrees Celsius.

The increase in the load index was accompanied by an increase in water consumption rate which reached 489 million imperial gallons, a difference of less than 11 million gallons from the production rate of half a billion. The sources expect the consumption rates during the remainder of the period from June to July next will remain high, due to the high temperatures, but the ministry is counting on the travel season to reduce part of the loads during the summer season.

Source- Arab Times.

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