ICCC urges mandatory Canadian Law Awareness for Indian students to prevent tragedies.

In a bid to tackle the rising ignorance among Indian students about Canadian laws and rules, the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) is pressing the Immigration Minister to implement a mandatory clause for visa applicants. Murarilal Thapliyal, president of the esteemed Indo-Canadian organization, highlights the severe consequences of this lack of awareness.

Tragically, a number of Indian students have lost their lives in road accidents or drowned in ponds due to their unfamiliarity with local laws. The lack of knowledge has also left students vulnerable to depression and, in some devastating cases, suicide. With the responsibility of paperwork typically falling on agents in India, students and their parents have limited understanding of Canadian legalities.

The ICCC proposes an essential solution: the inclusion of an acknowledgment form in admission documents. This form would require Indian students and their parents to confirm that they have familiarized themselves with basic Canadian laws and comprehend the potential repercussions of violating them. Furthermore, the ICCC insists that this acknowledgment form should be a prerequisite for admission to Canadian colleges.

To ensure the well-being of incoming students, the ICCC recommends that all Canadian colleges establish service counters at airports. These counters would provide essential post-landing assistance, offering students a booklet containing comprehensive information about Canadian laws and regulations. The booklet would cover important topics such as appropriate behavior in public spaces, traffic rule compliance, rent payment responsibilities, emergency contact numbers, and resources for mental health support, including NGO and consulate phone numbers.

Murarilal, a lawyer by profession, emphasizes that any student found later violating the acknowledgment form should face strict consequences, including deportation without leniency. He expresses concern over the increasing incidents of Indian students failing to pay rent or refusing to vacate premises, which has resulted in significant community resentment towards them.

The ICCC’s proactive stance aims to address the knowledge gap and prevent avoidable incidents involving Indian students in Canada. By implementing the mandatory acknowledgment form and establishing airport service counters with informative booklets, the chamber hopes to empower students with essential information and foster a safer and more responsible student community.

As the ICCC awaits the Immigration Minister’s response, it remains steadfast in its commitment to protect the interests and well-being of Indian students while fostering a harmonious relationship between the Indian and Canadian communities.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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