Assurance of Ample Medicines in Kuwait: Don’t Worry About Shortages.

Cancer patients problems overcome: MoH

According to reliable health sources in the Ministry of Health, the strategic stock of medicines during the current period is safe and reassuring, and can meet the country’s need for several months to come, due to which there is no cause for concern, reports Al-Qabas daily. They explained that the ministry, after the end of a difficult period during which the country witnessed a shortage of some pharmaceutical items and medical supplies for various reasons including the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on global factories and companies and the continuation of the Russian-Ukrainian war and others, has restored its strategic drug stocks.

It has made great strides in securing most types of vital medicines, especially for people with chronic diseases such as cancer for long periods ranging between six and 12 months to ensure that the level of health care for patients is not affected. The regulatory authorities finally postponed the approval of a request by the ministry related to the purchase of medicines used to treat specific types of cancer diseases at the Hussein Makki Al-Juma Center for Specialized Surgery at a cost exceeding KD 1.4 million, due to the availability of the same medicines in medical warehouses.

They are sufficient for several months, and thus there is no need during the current period to issue approvals for its supply from abroad. The ministry has finally obtained the approvals of the regulatory authorities regarding direct contracting for the purchase of medicines, solutions and filters for blood purification for dialysis patients in dialysis centers, at a cost of KD 2.3 million, in addition to other medicines used to dissolve clots in public hospitals, at a value of KD 511 thousand, and medicines to treat multiple sclerosis at a cost of KD 1.2 million. Regarding cancer drugs, the sources pointed out that the regulatory authorities agreed to purchase several drugs “injections / pills” used to treat cancer at the Hussein Makki Center on Friday, at a cost exceeding KD 4.9 million, indicating that the ministry has overcome the problems that were hindering the arrival of some types of drugs intended for cancer patients and other chronic diseases.

The sources concluded that the ministry is in the process of supplying additional medicines to treat patients suffering from high blood pressure in health centers and public hospitals at a cost of KD 754 thousand, in addition to medicines for pulmonary hypertension at KD 302 thousand. They highlighted the existence of coordination and cooperation between the concerned departments with the medical departments by receiving its periodic requests and determining the necessary priorities from them, so that the implementation of these requests begins according to the budgets established for each of them, while carefully reviewing them, and making sure of the quantities available in medical warehouses either for the medicines to be supplied or other medical supplies.

Source- Arab Times.

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